AMPPS: Softaculous for Desktop & Enterprise: Hundreds of Web & PHP Apps Installed On PC, Network or Domain With One-Click

AMPPS LogoBreaking into my daily tasks to bring you news that Softaculous just announced AMPPS, a free version of its one-click website application installer for desktop computers and the enterprise.

This is not just great news for website developers (who have to install and manage PHP, MySQL and Apache, not to mention Perl and Python). It for anyone who has a web business and uses web based applications.

This is not just for developers its for anyone with a business application need.

The simple user interface provided by Softaculous means that, using AMPPS, anyone can deploy hundreds of website applications, from WordPress to Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and many more business applications. With built in backup, restore and update, maintaining all these applications just became a trivial task. No longer is this a laborious error prone process that you better leave to geeks, tech-heads and hackers.

Now anyone can install, backup, restore and update hundreds of website applications and PHP scripts on a local machine or business network.

Anyone who wants to deploy (or try) a web application on their local computer, or across their business intranet, or even on remote domains has a simple, free solution: AMPPS (or Softaculous for the desktop & enterprise).

Below you’ll find a summary of AMPPS and the applications it puts at your fingertips.

What Is AMPPS?

AMPPS is a web application “stack”, that brings Softaculous to desktop computers. It provides everything needed to run a vast number of popular website applications (such as WordPress, Joomla, Wiki’s, CRM etc.)

AMPPS includes a web server (Apache), scripting (PHP, Perl & Python) and database (MySQL) along with a user interface to maintain and manage them (Softaculous) providing one-click installation, backup, restore and upgrade.

By support Softaculous, AMPPS provides one-click installation, backup and upgrade of hundreds of popular web based applications (some examples listed below). Initially AMPPS is available for Windows with Mac and Linux in the pipeline.

Download AMPPS or

What Applications Does AMPPS Support?

Via Softaculous, AMPPS supports over two hundred (and growing) popular web based applications and scripts. Many you will have heard of, such as:

• WordPress • MediaWiki • Joomla • Drupal • SquirrelMail • phpBB • Zen Cart • WHMCS • Help Center Live • Moodle • CodeIgnighter • phpMyAdmin • videoDB • WeBid • phpFormGenerator

Many you won’t know, but they cover all sorts of useful applications. Here are the application categories:

Blog • Portal • CMS • Forum • Gallery • Music • Video • Wiki • Education • Database • Social Network • Ad Management • Calendar • Gaming • Mail • Poll / Survey • Project Management • e-Commerce • ERP • Guest Book • Customer Support • Application Framework • RSS • Other

You can browse the full list of AMPPS applications.

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