Alternatives To Twiends And Getting 25 Or More Facebook Likes

Here I list thirteen websites like Twiends (and still growing!) that help get likes for your Facebook page (which I wrote about here). So I’ve been looking for similar services for months, as an alternative to Twiends since it was banned by Facebook. I’d love to hear if you know any more, or what you think of these. Please help keep this list updated by leaving a comment.

Alternatives To Twiends For Facebook Likes

  • – “Like Twiends, but a lot better. Videos run end to end, and you can get credits for visiting websites. Excellent results so far.” ~ Kate (see comment)
  • – “is working for facebook” ~ Adam

Evaluation Needed – Please Report Back In A Comment:

  • – site live
  • – site live (php errors showing, 25-May)
  • – site live
  • – site live
  • – site live
  • – site live
  • – site live
  •, (synonym) – site live (malware detected on, 25-May)
  • – site live
  • – site live [” added about 5 likes to the page in the last 15 mins so looking promising” ~ Anna]
  • – site live
  • – site live
  • – site live


  • – site live
  • – site live
  • – site live


  • [“scammy” ~ Kate] – site broken (25 May)
  • (domain expired)
  •, (were synonyms for FansRocket above)
  • – permanently upgrading (25 May)

If you try these (or any others) please comment and I’ll update this post to reflect what you have to say (with a follow link if you request it).

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38 comments to Alternatives To Twiends And Getting 25 Or More Facebook Likes

  • Kate Lennon doesn’t exist.
    “sendmehits” is scammy.
    “Twimates” looks good, but they have this message uo: “Hi, we are aware of the Facebook connectivity problems and are investigating it, but unfortunately we don’t have a resolution time currently.”
    Nuggol was “upgrading” every time I visited it. looked promising. I joined, but when I clicked the fb tab I got this message: “It’s with great regret to inform you, as of today AddSocials’ Facebook Like system will be temporarly unavailable until further notice.”
    I didn’t get to check out because I checked out – and I stayed on that site. It’s like Twiends, but a lot better. Videos run end to end, and you can get credits for visiting websites. Excellent results so far. (Thanks for posting the link; I was really pi**ed when Twiends stopped doing fb likes.)
    Maybe somebody else can check out Just in case. It’s not unlikelt, I’m afraid, that youlikehits will be forced to discontinue the fb option (since Twiends and two of the sites mentioned above had to discontinue it. Obviously fb are throwing their weight around.)

    • Kate,

      Thanks for an awesome comment, its worthy of being a blog post in itself!

      As soon as I found Tweinds I was surprised it was allowed to operate, although I could see how such a service could be made more legitimate, they seemed not to realise the importance of this. A shame!

      Thanks for the info on I have too much on to check out but have updated the post in the hope someone will pick that up and share the results as you have. If you would like to turn your comment into a guest post, let me know as I’m happy to feature guest pieces that fill in things I don’t have time for.



  • s.

    earnlikes don’t exist anymore. Help!

  • Like Twiends, Twitmates and addsocials are also banned by Facebook.

    I think no website is currently providing facebook support( to increase likes)

  • Callum Lam

    The only good one I’ve found so far is, its only for Twitter though

  • $5/100 facebook fans. There not free, but close to it.

  • Johnny

    Hey Adam,
    i registered on
    and then earned some point
    i logged out, and trying to login again, but i was unsuccessful to login
    it keeps saying “Unable to Login”
    do you have any idea what is this about??
    i’m sure that i’m typing the username and password correctly

  • The only one working for facebook is yourlikehits, socialclump is a waste of time.

    BTW I tested ALL these and currently only yourlikehits is actually increasing facebook fans.

  • Sorry about the short link.. but like hits does work. You dont have to buy likes either. [mark – changed from short (aff) link]

  • Anna another one to add to the list, earning points is fast but as a result you run out of ways quickly (however I did earn about 400 points in 10-15mins. It has added about 5 likes to the page in the last 15 mins so looking promising. It looks relatively new so it has room to grow. Quite hopeful. Agree regarding you like hits, it is very good, going to check out the rest now. Twiends seems like it is all twitter again which is a shame as the drop out rate was really bad for twitter but facebook was really good.

  • What do you think about mine
    Just launched it, I think the features are bretty well

  • is working for facebook fan page,s but i want same like tweends…youlikehits needs more time to like and page and get 9 points…..

  • andrew

    Nice share, mate. youlikehits is great. i also found another one –

  • Folikes just launched, would like you to test if everything is working fine. Thanks.

  • -is no longer functional. You can remove it from the list.

  • Huvox

    There is also

    • Huvox, seems to be a video clip/play/share service and not copmarable to tweinds and the other sites I’ve listed so I’ll leave it here in the comment.

      Feel free to say a bit more about it and what you like about it. Please state if you associated with it or a user.


  • TwittBuddies

    it’s twittbuddies, not twitbuddies. Btw, it’s a new site and it’s going under a few updates, so you should keep an eye on it 😉

  • TwittBuddies had an update today in which we changed a few things. We made TB more like a Twitter Train, where you enter your Username and you’re automatically added to our Official List. If you still want to get Facebook Likes, YouTube Views and Website Traffic, you can get these by registering for free. You can get to be in the Premium Members by purchasing it. All up to you! Feel free to check it out 😉

  • PC Support Guy

    Wow, very cool alternatives. i have been looking for this list for a while!

  • Hello, as you can see some of those are based around the same script, i am developing my own site on the same platform with some extra’s that will be fantastic for killer marketers with more than micro blogging !
    I now have re-tweet and linked in connections and will be investing considerably in this without implementing the ridiculous rules that the other sites do
    my site is
    i thought that it was about time that someone took this further ! and have some great stuff on the way 🙂
    thanks for the links too very helpful.

  • Japheth Campbell

    I went through the list and the only ones that seem to mention
    Facebook anymore are:

    Liking FB Pages on and does not result in the
    increase of credits. So you probably won’t get any Likes from those
    site unless you are the first site on the list. (then the user figures
    out that it doesn’t work)

    Attempting to Like a FB Page on results in an error. So no
    Likes and no credits. appears to be of no use unless using a vanity URL. I
    put in my FB Page address that starts with and
    they cut off the rest after “pages.” It must think that “pages” should
    be the username. Since it can’t be used without a vanity URL, it
    defeats the purpose of obtaining 25 Likes to be able to set a vanity
    URL. To top it off, Liking a Page through does not
    result in the increase of credits for a user. So even if there wasn’t
    the vanity URL issue, you would still have the same issue as with and is the only site that sort of works and actually gives
    the users proper credits. The only downside is that it is not a
    guaranteed Like. The user views your FB Page for 10 seconds to earn
    their credits. They don’t have to Like the Page if they don’t won’t
    to, and you are out the credits.

    I guess the best solution so far is to use to get as
    many people to view your FB Page as possible and hope that at least 25
    Like it.

  • Wooohuuu! What a great list this is. I think I will bookmark this page immediately. I will also try out some of the alternatives too.

  • Aviad

    Try they have facebook like and share options

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